Register Funtasia Card

Register your Funtasia Loyalty Card & Download Funtasia Smart Fun App?

A Brand New Way To Pay

Introducing the Funtasia Card a brand new way to pay for everything in Funtasia Theme Park! With this card you load money onto it and pay for everything contactlessly in Funtasia. That’s right you can now pay for all attractions, arcade machines, activities and  food with the contactless Funtasia Card. Once the card has been registered  you can begin to earn loyalty points, get exclusive discounts and be the first to know about special offers at Funtasia Theme Park. 

Funtasia Card Advantages

Special Offers

Once you’ve registered your Funtasia card, you’ll be the first to know about any special offers we are running. Some specials we have run in the past have been half-price video games and discounted activity prices definitely some special offers you wouldn’t want to miss. 

VIP Members

After your Funtasia Card has been registered you can start to earn loyalty points to become a VIP member. There are two tiers of VIP members a gold member gets 10% off all Funtasia Arcade Games and a platinum member gets 10% off Funtasia Arcade Games, Funtasia Activities AND even Food.