At Funtasia booking is not required! You can also pay for each activity on a pay as you go basis. You can find the full list of prices below. 

Activity Prices

Funtasia’s Pirates Cove Waterpark is €13.00 per person for unlimited time. Children of the age of 2 and under go into the Waterpark for free.

Bowling at Funtasia works in two ways:

-Per game which is just one game and is not timed. This is €6.50 per person per game

-By the time which gives you a certain amount of time on the lane. It is €18.50 for half an hour or €35.00 for a full hour.

-At the max 8 people at a lane. 

For an hour in the play area it is €6.50 per child. The toddlers area is €3.25 per child. 

For Crazy Golf it is €6.50 for a round. With a €2 refundable deposit for the club and ball.

-The Ultimate Skyclimb is €9.00 per person.

-Please check the height restriction with our staff. 

-The climbing wall is €5.00 per person. 

-Please check the height restriction with our staff. 

The Zip-line is €5.00 per person. 

The free fall slide is €5.00 per person.

There are three different packages available for Royal Palace:

-Dreams to Reality is €13.00 per child 

-Prince Package is €19.00 per child 

-Wish Come True is €25 per child 

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