School Tours Funtasia Theme Parks

This year’s school tours at Funtasia Theme Parks are guaranteed to provide your school with a range of activity options across 2 superb locations. Our wide range of activities are challenging, socially stimulating and full of excitement for children of all ages at unbeatable affordable prices.

More importantly in this Irish weather, we are accustomed too, we offer a unique school tour benefit as we are not weather dependent. So, rain or shine you’ll be fine as all our activities are housed in our 2 huge indoor theme parks in Drogheda & Bettystown.

School Tours Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda

Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda is known far and wide for its indoor interactive Pirates Cove Waterpark all 30,000sq feet of it. With its tropical temperatures, all year round it remains a firm favourite for school tours from all over the country. With over 400 school tour visits last year we truly have the word FUN all figured out when it comes to school tours.

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Other activities in Funtasia Drogheda Include:

  • Atlantis Cove Play Area
  • Egyptian Themed Cosmic Bowling
  • Ultimate Sky Climb
  • Twin Zipline
  • Climbing Wall
  • Video & Arcade

Educational Activities include:

  • Junior Einstein Club
  • Lost World Reptile Zoo

School Tours Funtasia Fairground Bettystown

Funtasia Fairground Bettystown is the longest established multi-activity school tour provider in Ireland. Best known for its 3-floor multi-level Fairground Rides and a “Rooftop Fairground”. We cater for school children of all ages. Located in the picturesque seaside resort of Bettystown it is the perfect place to visit. Featuring an incredible range of action-packed, fun-filled activities, with longer hours than any other tour with unlimited access all in a safe secure environment at unbeatable prices.

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Other activities at Funtasia Bettystown Include:

  • Jungle Zone Play Area
  • Cosmic Themed Bowling
  • 3D Motion Theatre
  • Video & Arcade


We hope you will consider Funtasia Theme Parks for your school tour this year. We aim to ensure your pupils will have a truly memorable day at very affordable prices. Download our School Tours Brochure or Submit your query below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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