There are many questions that come into a parents head when they are looking for birthday party ideas for their children. What will they enjoy? Will their friends enjoy it? What is suitable for their age? At Funtasia Theme Parks we always make it our priority to cater to a variety of ages and with our plethora of  Birthday Party options this is no different. We’ve decided to put together a small list of some of our parties and what ages they popular with. It will help you when you are making a decision on your Son or Daughters next birthday party venue. 

Smaller/ Younger Children (2-5 Years Old) 

If you are planning to celebrate your little ones Birthday at Funtasia for smaller children we’d recommend these party options: 

  • Play Area Party 
  • Stuff A Bear Party  

The Play Area Party is popular amongst the smaller children for one simple reason the main focus of this party is PLAY! With this party theme the party goers get 1 hour unrestricted access to either Funtasia Bettystown’s Jungle Zone or Funtasia Drogheda’s Atlantis Cove. Both of these multi-story soft Play Areas have several different slides, assault courses and interactive games.   

If you’re little one is a big fan of Teddy Bears, the Stuff A Bear birthday party is the best birthday party idea. Smaller boys and girls love this party because not only do they get to pick which special Teddy Bear to take home with them, they also create a birth certificate for their new friends and bring them to life with a heart. When all Teddy Bears are brought to life the party host will the children and their Teddy Bears to a Teddy Bear Picnic!  

Our Disco and Karaoke Party is a must for all children who are on their way to become the next Pop Idol. We recommend this party to younger children because the Party Host makes this party very interactive. Encouraging every party guest to get jump up and sing and dance.  

Big Children (5-8 Years Old) 

When your little baby has grown up a little bit they may grown out of party theme likes the Play Area party or the Stuff a Bear party. Maybe they are looking for a party that is little more stimulating? Not to worry here are parties that are a bit more hands and active:  

  • Bowling Party  
  • Junior Einstein Party 
  • Disco Karakode   

If you have slightly older children and you want their birthday party to be a striking success a Funtasia Bowling Party is the option for you! This party is perfect for those children you like sports related activities or simply want to try something new. At a bowling party the party gets two lanes for 1 hour so the children can bowl to their heart’s content. 

At Funtasia we host a very special party called the Junior Einstein Party. Although this party is suitable for all age we find that child in this age bracket enjoy it the most. It is a kids party created for all the young budding Albert Einsteins. From air cannons, DIY slime and static electricity demonstrations this party is filled with awesome and interactive experiments! The Junior Einstein Party  is sure to wow both the Birthday child and party goers alike.  

Has your child become oppressed with singing or dancing? Our Disco and Karaoke Party is a must for all children who are on their way to become the next Pop Idol. At this party the Host will have a mixture of both classic and current songs that are sure to be a hit! Our party hosts are especially encouraging to every party guest to get them to jump up and sing and dance.  

Older Children(8+) 

When interactive parties and play parties are no longer cutting it with your child, it’s time to bring out the big guns! At Funtasia we have many parties that geared towards older children who want exciting and adventurous birthday parties. For old kids birthday parties recommend:  

  • Waterpark Party  
  • Ultimate Skyclimb Party  
  • Climb and Crazy Golf Party  

An extremely popular party in Funtasia Drogheda is our Waterpark birthday party. With 2 hours of unlimited use of Funtasia Drogheda’s Indoor Waterpark this is an experience found nowhere else! Within the Waterpark the party goers can use slides like the gravity defying boomerang or have a play around the Pirate’s Cove Play Area! We recommend this children birthday party to the older age is because of the Waterpark strict ratio rules for kids under the age of 8. 

The Ultimate Skyclimb Party is perfect for all the young daredevils celebrating their birthdays in your family. An aerial assault course suspended 40 feet above the arcade floor in Funtasia Drogheda this kids birthday party isn’t for the faint hearted. There are three different routes on the course; easy, medium and hard all end with a 40 foot rappel down to the arcade floor. The main reason that we recommend this party to older children the height strict restriction of 1.35cm for the Ultimate Skyclimb.  

If you’re looking for a mixture of both two exciting, competitive and sporty activities for your child’s birthday party we would say go for the Climbing Wall and Crazy Golf Party. On our indoor climbing wall the party guests can have a competition to see who can reach the top first or perhaps a time trial to see who is the fastest! On the 18 hole Crazy Golf course can test their skill to see if they can get a hole in one! The Climbing and Crazy Golf is advised for older children again because of height restrictions on the Climbing Wall.  


Although sometimes booking a birthday party for your children can be a risky affair! We hope that with our recommendations and explanation of the option available at Funtasia Theme Parks you can make your decision with confidence. From the Play Area party for younger children to the Ultimate Skyclimb Party for the older thrill seekers in your family, Funtasia has a lot to offer for a variety of ages!  

At Funtasia Theme Parks we’ve got a ton more parties you can check out the full list of them here (Insert Party Link). Please also check on eye on our Facebook for future blog posts to do with parties!