Loyalty Card Rewards

We offer returning visitors the opportunity to save when they come back to us again and again using our Loyalty Card Rewards Scheme. Save 10% on activities in house and receive free credit when you top up. Sign up today and start to save.

  • 10% discount on activities (excluding food and drink, restrictions apply)
  • €5 free credit per month (non-accumulating)
  • €15 free credit for your birthday booking (restrictions apply, non-cumulating)
  • Bonus credits when you top up. Top up by €50 and get €15 credit free / Top up by €100 and receive €50 credit free

How to Apply

Loyalty cards can be purchased for €5 from the Bowling Desk. Or simply fill out our enquiry form today and we will pop the information in the post and you can then avail of discounts immediately on your next visit.

Terms & Conditions

  • Credits are non-accumulating
  • Purchased credits do not expire and can accumulate
  • Cannot be used in restaurant, casino or princess palace
  • Cannot be used against Birthday Party balances