Funtasia Card

At both Funtasia locations, we now offer a brand new way to pay and play. With the Funtasia Card you can top up and pay for activities, arcade games and even food. You can get these cards at the bowling desk or information desk in Funtasia Drogheda. Once you’ve got a card you can click here to register your card.

Funtasia Card advantages

  • Get exclusive discounts
  • Be the first to get special promotions
  • The card can be used in both locations
  • The more you use it the better the rewards
  • Bonus credits when topping up


Topping up & Loyalty Point

When topping up your Funtasia you can get free credits. If you top up by €50 you get €10.00 free. Topping up by €100 will get you €30.00 free. 

Previous Loyalty CardHolders

If you have an old Funtasia Loyalty Card please come in with your card before 31st August 2019. After this date all old Funtasia loyalty cards will expire.