Coming up with an idea for a kids birthday party can be extremely difficult! As a parent you want to make sure the birthday party is day filled with happiness, excitement enjoyment. You’ll want to make sure your child’s birthday party is one they’ll remember in years to come!  

Well at Funtasia Drogheda one of Ireland’s premier kids birthday party venues we’ve got a one of a kind party, The Junior Einstein Science club party! With FIVE different imagination capturing experiments from making their own slime to electrocuting a poor barbie doll with the Van Der Graaf generator, this is a children’s birthday party is perfect for all young budding Albert Einsteins. 

As with all Funtasia birthday parties at the allocated time the host will meet the birthday child and all of the guests at the Play Area information desk . Here the party host will take the names and food order of all the little boys and girls! Then it is time to get down to some SCIENCE!!  

During the birthday party all of the kids are given their very own lab coat to make them look the part while embark on this quest for knowledge. The first experiment at the Junior Einstein Science club party is a demonstration of Oobleck Slime. The little one will learn how something can be a liquid and an solid at the exact same time! The Children will see that if you touch the surface lightly and quickly their hand will not penetrate the slime. Whereas when they apply any force to the slime their hand will sink into it like it is water, this experiment is sure to have all the party guests(and maybe some parents) amazed!!  

Once the Oobleck slime is completed, it is now time for a more interactive science project for the kids. In the second experiment of the day the Mini-Einsteins get to make their own slime. Once they mix all of the ingredients together with help from the party host, with the use of food colouring each child can customise their slime to their liking. Once completed the slime is put aside to dry and when the birthday party is finished the kids get to bring their slime home with them.  

Next the party host puts their starting knowledge of Elephant Dental Hygiene to use by showing the little ones how to brush an Elephants teeth. In this part of the party the host will tell the children about their vast experience in dealing with Elephants in the past. They went show the party goers how to make the toothpaste they use to keep the giant manimals teeth squeeze clean. Just be sure to stand back as this experiment is known to go wrong with explosive results!  

Once the toothpaste has been cleaned up your Junior Einsteins will learn about the power of wind and air. In an interactive experiment the children will shoot an air cannon. First the party host will demonstrate how to use the air cannon by knocking a cup off the head of a volunteer(completely safe because it’s just wind). After the children understand how to use the air cannon they then get a go of their own getting to knock cups off their friends heads and knocking down pyramids made from cups.  

The last of the experiments on this scientific path of exploration is a lesson with the Van Der Graaf  generator displaying how static electricity works. Luckily a Barbie Doll volunteered to help our party hosts demonstrate how static electricity can make someone’s hair stand on end! The Children watch in awe as when the Barbie is placed on the generator her hair seems to stand up straight completely on its own.  

Once all of the experiments have completed it will be time to feed all the hungry little scientists, the party host will bring all of them to the seating area. Here the food will be given out, this is based on food choices made by the party guests at the start of the party. Once the food has been polished off the host encourages the children to play some party games. Finally and most importantly the cake is brought out and everyone sings Happy Birthday!! 


If you’ve are stuck for kids party ideas well then look no further than the Junior Einstein party at Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda . It is a party with 5 different demonstrative and interactive experiments that are sure to linger in your child’s memories for years to come. Just don’t blame us when you’re little Albert Einstein turned the Kitchen or Bathroom in their very own science lab!!