Monkey Jump

The Monkey Jump is one of Funtasia’s most popular Fairground rides. Kids just love it!

Funtasia Theme Parks Monkey Jump
Funtasia Theme Parks Monkey Jump
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Hold On Tight!

Once the ride attendant has secured the safety bar, get ready to blast off! As the ride starts it brings everyone up to the top before dropping them, catching them halfway and sending them back to the top. Giving everyone on the Monkey Jump ‘butterflies’ in their stomach as they are dropped. The hardest thing about this fairground ride is getting the children off at the end!


All Funtasia Theme Park’s fairground rides work on a token based system. The Monkey Jump is 3 Token Per Person. Tokens are 50c each and can be purchased from either the Bowling Desk or one of the many token machines around the building. 

Height Restrictions

The maximum height for the Monkey Jump is 1.30M and we must insist that adults cannot go on this fairground ride.