Gyro Loop

Are you brave enough to take on the Gyro Loop in Funtasia Theme Park? 

Funtasia Theme Park Gyro Loop
Funtasia Theme Park Gyro Loop
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Defy Gravity

At the start of this fairground ride, you may think it seems quite tame, just putting you up in the air slowly. Out of nowhere, the Gyro Loop starts to spins you back and forth before performing a series of backflips and front flips! Make sure you’ve emptied your pockets for the last part as it slowly goes backwards and holds you completely upside down. It’s safe to say that this fairground ride is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


All Funtasia Theme Park’s fairground rides work on a token based system. The Gyro Loop is 7 Token Per Person. Tokens are 50c each and can be purchased from either the Bowling Desk or one of the many token machines around the building. 

Height Restrictions

The minimum height you must be to ride on the Gyro Loop is 1.30M. Please be aware this is a strict height restriction for safety.