Ferris Wheel

That’s right, in Funtasia Theme Park we’ve got a miniature Ferris Wheel!

_Funtasia Theme Parks Ferris Wheel Website
_Funtasia Theme Parks Ferris Wheel Website
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Our Very Own Ferris Wheel

Get a bird’s eye view of Funtasia Drogheda from the mini Ferris Wheel! Make sure you’ve got your camera ready as your little one waves to you from the top of the wheel. If they keep an eye out they might even catch someone getting a hole in one on our Crazy Golf course. 


All Funtasia Theme Park’s fairground rides work on a token based system. The Ferris Wheel is 3 Token Per Person. Tokens are 50c each and can be purchased from either the Bowling Desk or one of the many token machines around the building.


In the interest of safety we must insist a maximum of 1 adult per carriage.