Eureka Flying Cars

The Eureka Flying Cars is a fairground ride that is great fun for both parents and children.

_Funtasia Theme Parks Eureka
_Funtasia Theme Parks Eureka
_Funtasia Theme Parks Eureka
_Funtasia Theme Parks Eureka
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You've Got To Pump It Up

Get ready for a mini work out on the Eureka flying cars! While this fairground ride spins around pump the handle to make the cars fly. Make sure you keep pumping though because, if you stop the car will descend to its original position. 


All Funtasia Theme Park’s activities and rides are now digitalized. You will need your Funtasia Card or band (if you have purchased an online package) to use any activities and rides.

Height Restrictions

There are no height restriction for the Eureka flying cars, however this fairground ride is more suited to children.