The Convoy

All the smaller boys and girls love Funtasia’s Convoy 2000! A fairground ride that has been part of Funtasia for over 20 years. 

Funtasia Theme Park Convoy
Funtasia Theme Park Convoy
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All Aboard the Funtasia Convoy!

Pick your car and get ready to rally around the track in Funtasia’s mini-convoy. Maybe you want to lead the pack in the train car, ride in style in the Barbie Car or ride on the mega cool superhero motorbikes! There are over 12 different vehicles to choose from, so your little one will be spoiled for choice! 


All Funtasia Theme Park’s fairground rides work on a token based system. The Convoy  is 3 Token Per Person. Tokens are 50c each and can be purchased from either the Bowling Desk or one of the many token machines around the building


The Convoy is strictly for children and adults are not permitted on this fairground ride.