Go Swim


  • Starts back January 2018
  • 8 Week Swimming Program
  • Qualified Swimming Instructor Conor Boyle
  • Call today 041 98 98000 to book

Our GO SWIM aquatic programme provides all of the essentials parents are looking for in a quality learn to swim program.

  • A six level progression programme
  • Experienced, consistent teachers
  • A strong focus progression each lesson
  • Continuous assessments of students small classes
  • A teaching pool to cater to all abilities and ages
  • Make Up lessons for missed lessons

Go Swim Info

Our lessons operate from 3pm each afternoon, Monday through to Friday and we take a break on holidays, summer, Christmas, midterm etc…

Our teachers are trained to teach very high quality stroke technique skills and have a continuous focus on teaching vital water safety skills.

Our go swim program provides opportunities for participants to become competent swimmers and develop life-saving survival skills in a fun, stimulating and supportive environment.

Participants are graded by both their skill and physical maturity so that all students in the class are of a similar level.

Individual swimming skills in our program have been broken down for ease of learning. As your child masters each skill, new skills are added.

Your child will be assessed every single lesson.

GO SWIM Consists of swimming and water safety instruction for pre-schoolers and school-aged children. The Learn to Swim program consists of one swimming lesson per week. Children are assessed and grouped based on ability and lesson duration is 30 minutes.

swim academy

go swim levels

  • Level 1 Starfishes (yellow)
  • Level 2 Seahorses (blue)
  • Level 3 swordfishes (green)
  • Level 4 Seals (grey)
  • Level 5 Dolphins (red)
  • Level 6 Sharks (black)

Level 1:
• safe entry and exit of pool
• blowing bubbles face in water
• starfish floating front and back with and without float
• kicking on front without float
• kicking on back with a float holing a streamline position
• gliding front with head locked down (arms behind ears)
• big jumps (jumping into pull to instructor

Level 2:
• Kicking front and back no float
• torpedo arms kicking on back
• big arms on front with arms clearing the surface over head
• rotation from torpedo arms on back to front
• kicking with a rotate from back to front
• blowing bubbles and getting a breath with a float while kicking
• kneeling dives

Level 3
• push and glide torpedo arms front and back
• big arms front and back with a straight leg kick and arms clearing the surface
• rotation from front to back torpedo arms with and without kick
• side breath rotation with one arm to side
(Arm in front behind ear)
• attempting side breath with kick board
• introduction to breaststroke kick (frog legs)
• one knee dive

Level 4
• 15meters front crawl with side breathing
• 15meters good back crawl
• breast stroke arms and breathing
• understanding of the full breaststroke (pull, breath, kick and glide)
• Introduce butterfly legs (Dolphin kick)
• tumble in water
• diving of 2 feet into waters

Level 5
• 30meter with tumble turn front crawl
• improved technique on front crawl
• 30meter back stroke with rotate and tumble turn
• improved technique on backstroke
• 30meter breaststroke with two touch turn
• good breaststroke coordination
• strong butterfly kick
• introduction to butterfly arms with dolphin kick
• racing dives

Level 6
• improved technique on all four strokes with the turns
• racing dive with dolphin kick to submerge
• tumble turn with dolphin kick to submerge
• basic water safety and rescues


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PRICE: €12 pp unlimited LOYALITY PRICE: €10.80 BIRTHDAY PARTY PRICE: €16.95 per child
HEIGHT: There are some restriction on main slides AGE: All ages (under 2yrs Go FREE) OPEN: Opening Times Vary
Adds 1 Hour to the Party Choose from:
PLAY AREA: €4.00 per child BOWLING : €4.00 per child SKY CLIMB & ZIPLINE: €5.00 per child