The Lost World

The Lost World Reptile Zoo – Currently Closed for Winter

The Lost World is one not to be missed open every weekend from 11 am – 7 pm. Come and see some of the World’s most amazing animals up close and personal. We have a selection of our scaly friends on exhibit for everyone to see as well as a brand new Tropical Walk-in Exhibit and, of course, our famous Animal Encounter Zone.

We have lots of animals in The Lost World including snakes, lizards, snapping turtles and more, on exhibit for everyone to see as well as a brand new Critter Cave and, of course our famous Animal Encounter Zone. The Critter Cave (new for 2017) is Ireland’s ONLY interactive, walk-through insect house!

the Lost world Things to Do

  • Walk in the Jungle – Taste of the tropics
  • Creep Crawly Corner – From cockroaches to spiders to stick insects and more!
  • Animal Encounter Zone – Get to touch and hold some of the world’s most fascinating animals!
  • Critter Cave – Ireland’s ONLY interactive insect house! Are you brave enough to step inside with free-roaming critters? Not to be missed!
  • Discovery Walk

Come and meet our scaly, slimy and fun friends. Here is a full list of who get to meet…..

? Broad Snouted Caiman
? Alligator Snapping Turtles
? Royal Pythons
? Boa Constrictor
? Black & White Tegu
? Bearded Dragon
? Blue Tongue Skink
? King Rat Snake
? Green Anacondas
? Yellow Anaconda
? Rainbow Boas (Colombian & Argentinian)
? Gopher Snake
? Carpet Python

? Scheltopusik
? Crested Geckos
? Fiji Banded Iguana
? Yemen Chameleon
? Water Dragons
? Chilean Rose Tarantula
? Two-Spotted Assassin Bugs
? Macleay’s Spectre Stick Insects
? Green Stripe Millipedes
? Emperor Scorpion
? Asian Forest Scorpion
? Hermit Crabs
? Roti Island Snake Neck Turtles

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