Clearing Up Confusion About Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda!

At Funtasia Waterpark we get a lot of questions on both my website online chat and Facebook messages. There are some questions that everyone seems to have so we’ve decided to put together a short list of some of the frequently asked questions(FAQs). Don’t worry we aren’t going to just list the questions we will also answer them for you guys! B

Are You Open For School Holidays?

In the run-up to School Holidays or Mid-Term breaks, one of the most common questions across all of our messaging platforms and phone inquiries is people wondering when we are open! A very good question to ask as with Funtasia’s seasonal nature this can be confusing for customers.

When the primary schools are on Mid-Term or School Holidays Funtasia Drogheda opens daily from 10 am. The main school holidays that Funtasia Drogheda is open for are:

  • October Mid-Term Break
  • Christmas School Holidays
  • Easter Holidays
  • Summer Holidays
  • Bank Holidays

Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda’s opening times are always updated in the run up to school holidays and be found here: .

Is Funtasia Drogheda Open On Weekdays?

Funtasia Drogheda has a limited opening during the week while children are in school. Our bowling alley and arcade open from 3 pm every weekday. All other Funtasia Drogheda attractions are closed during the week. With the exception of the Soft Play Area also opening on Fridays from 3 pm too.

What time does Funtasia Drogheda open on weekends?

During the school year, Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda opens completely from 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. The Waterpark, Bowling, Arcade and Play Area all open at 10 am on weekends and the other activities such as the climbing wall or skyclimb are open from 1 pm.

How long do I get in the Waterpark?

At Funtasia Waterpark we do not work off a time slot system.  With the general entry into the Waterpark, all customers get unlimited time in the Waterpark. However, once you leave the Waterpark he cannot reenter.

What is included in the Big Splash online package?

The Big Splash is €19.50 and is a package designed for one person.

Included in this package is entry into the Waterpark for one person.  Then choice between a game of Bowling, an hour in the Play Area or 18 holes of Crazy Golf and a €4.65 meal voucher.

What is included in a Super Splash online package?

Super Splash is €25.00 and is a package designed to suit one person. With the package, you can avail of slightly more activities than with the Big Splash package.  

The Super Splash packages include entry into the Waterpark. Both a game of bowling and game of Crazy Golf. A choice between an hour in the Play Area or use of the Zipline and a €5.00 meal voucher. Often this package is used in conjunction with a Family Splash if you have a family larger than 4.  

What is Included in a Family Splash Online Package?

The Family Splash package is priced at €99.00 and designed for four people. If you were to do everything included in this package separately it would cost €150.00 so this package has by far the biggest savings out of all the online packages.

Included in the Family Splash is entry into the Waterpark for 4 people. A game of bowling for four people and a game of crazy golf for four people. A Choice between an hour in the Play Area or use of the Zipline and a €5.00 meal voucher for each person.  

Are Online Packages for a Specific Date?

Yes, before booking your family package you are asked to select a specific date. The package will only be valid for the date you pick. They also must be booked at least one day in advance of your visit Funtasia Waterpark.

Is the Waterpark Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, the Funtasia’s pirates cove Waterpark is wheelchair accessible. On entry to the Waterpark simply let the cashier know and they will guide you through the wheelchair access in the Waterpark.

What age is the Waterpark Suitable for?

At Funtasia Drogheda we always cater to a variety of ages and with our Waterpark, this is no different. Funtasia’s Pirate’s Cove Waterpark is suitable for both toddlers, small children, big children and adults alike! From our waterpark play areas, big slides and toddles area to our adults-only jacuzzi Funtasia Waterpark has something for everyone.

What Age does my Child Have to be to go into the Waterpark Unaccompanied?

Once a child is over the age of 8 they can enter the Waterpark unaccompanied by an adult. Below the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the waterpark, working off a 2:1 ratio rule. Meaning one adult can accompany two children under the age of 8. For children under the age of 4 the ratio is a 1:1 basis, one adult can only accompany one child under the age of 4.

Does Funtasia Drogheda have discounts for Carers?

At Funtasia Drogheda all carers to special needs customers go into ALL activities for free. The only thing we ask is the production of a disability/carers membership card i.e. Irish Autism Action, Carers Association or a GP letter. You can read more about that here(link to safety rules)

Hope This Helps!

Hopefully, this list of FAQs has to answer at least some of your questions about Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda. If you have more questions feel free to ask us on Facebook messenger, our websites live chat or you can give us a call on 041 989 8000.