Ground Fairground Rides

Ferris Wheel

This is the traditional big wheel in miniature form. Take in all the sights of Funtasia Bettystown as you travel gracefully on this traditional ride. 3 tokens / €0.50 per token

Gyro Loop

Experience weightlessness and extreme G force, whilst being spun upside down 17 feet off the ground! Make sure your pockets are empty!!! 7 tokens / €0.50 per token

Monkey Jump

Buckle up and hold on to your hat as you shoot up then dive back down, it’s a blast! This ride is better taken before dinner!!! 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token

First Floor Fairground Rides

Mini & Big Bumpers

As the Majestic Bumping Cars were so popular, Funtasia has custom made exact replicas of them for children. Now all the family can enjoy this classic attraction!!! 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Eureka Flying Cars

The faster you pedal the higher you fly. But beware, if you stop for a second you’re back to where you began!!! 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token


Hop into a race car or zoom off on a motor bike on this fun track. A popular attraction for the very young motor enthusiasts! 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Santa Fe Train

The Santa Fe express is about to leave the platform! Travel in style through Funtasia passing all the major attractions and see some sights that can only be seen from the express!!! 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token


Ever wanted to fly like a butterfly? Well why not fly on one here at Funtasia, Bettystown. You will really enjoy this elegant journey. 3 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Rooftop Fairground Rides


Rooftop Rollercoaster

Blast off on the riveting, roaring, Rollercoaster. Feel your tummy drop as you freefall on Ireland’s only Rollercoaster on a roof!!!! 5 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Drop Zone

Shoot up to extreme heights then plummet back to earth at astronomical speeds in this 70-foot tower of power. This will give a thrill to even the seasoned ride enthusiast. 7 tokens/ €0.50 per token


Buckle up. It’s going to get bumpy down there. The seas can get choppy so be prepared for a stormy ride. 5 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Sky Glider

Feel your stomach turning as this pendulum ride swings you up and over 360 degrees on a vertical axis. 5 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Balloon Ride

Up, up and away, this is the only way to travel. Enjoy panoramic views as you soar through the air. 5 tokens/ €0.50 per token

Galloping Horses

Giddy up these life-sized gee gees are chomping at the bit to get going. 5 tokens/ €0.50 per token
  • Height Restriction: Certain rides & activities are subject to min/max height restrictions.
  • Age restriction: Certain rides & activities are subject to min/max age restrictions.
  • Rules: For safety reasons please obey strict fairground rules.
  • Open: Opening times Vary