Educational Activities

Looking for a fun and educational school day out? Well look no further. We have perfected just the right balance of fun and education with a show that captivates the audience, old and young alike. Our science activities have been designed for that little mad scientist with “Junior Einstein Club” and also we cater for the teen scientists with our “Teen Science Workshop”.

Educational Trips with “Junior Einstein Club”

Our Junior scientists will be enthralled as they get to watch and take part in a number of fun experiments like:

  • Play with 2 types of gooey slime.
  • Barbie has kindly volunteered for experiments and kids will see her being electrocuted on a Van Der Graff generator, don’t worry she survives!
  • Lighting lightbulbs by just touching a plasma ball
  • Shoot giant smoke rings at each other with amazing giant smoke cannons
  • Watch the bubbling foaming elephant toothpaste reaction
  • See the incredible Water Walkers and hand boilers
  • Finish up with our famous Mentos and Coke geysers shooting 20ft in the air

Educational Trips with “Teen Science Workshop”

Our teen science workshop has a number of fun experiments which we can carry out and features an interactive conversational environment. We focus on what the teens are most enjoying depending on the group, hence we may not complete all experiments listed or we may have time for extra sneaky one!

Our Teen Science Workshop Experiments include:

  • Hand Boilers – Charles Law
  • Galileo Thermometer pressure and temperature
  • Vortices
  • Mini Smoke Cannons
  • Light – Newtons disc explained and diffusion glasses
  • PH exothermic reactions